Hamstrings…. Some Pilates postures, well actually rather a lot, call on the hamstring stretching . For those with long hamstrings these postures can be a doddle, but for those with short or rather tight hamstring this makes for a different story.
Let’s use the classic single leg stretch, yes, very graceful and a breeze for long ones, but for those with short hamstrings the move can feel like you’re imitating a new born foal (That’s a quote from a student!). But there’s beauty in this pose for short Hammies, do not be discouraged, if anything do this posture more, yes more! For while in it, if being done correctly, as you move your legs in the scissors motion, you are also lengthening the back muscles and strengthening your core “powerhouse” which, in time, will be a big part in stabilising your hips which will bring freedom in the Hammies and before you know it you’ll be doing the posture with ease! Xx